Canadian Wildflowers

I have been working away at my new series....Canadian honour of Canada 150. Here are my two latest creations, seen from sketch to metal clay to fired piece with patina.

I was inspired by scenes in the Laurentian mountains, about an hour north of Montreal. Our family cottage is located on a small lake (no motor boats) about 6 km from Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts. When I was growing up, I spent summers here with my family, exploring the lake, the mountains and trails. It was here that my love of nature and flowers grew. I would go off into the woods or kayak around the lake looking for new species of flowers and trees to identify. It certainly left an impression! I began sketching these scenes last summer in hopes of creating some small wall hangings in metal clay. Here are the first two.

I used sterling silver metal clay (which I described in a previous blog post) and set down layers of textured background (the water and the sand) and then added appliqué for the trees, flowers, grass and cloud.

Working in miniature is my passion.


(2.5 x 5 cm)

And finally, after firing in the kiln, I applied patina and 24 karat gold accents. The finished piece, ready for hanging.


(2.5 x 5 cm)

#flowers #metalclay #canadianwildflower

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