Welcome to my world!


I am a metalsmith, specializing in jewellery and more recently, art for small spaces.  I have worked almost exclusively in sterling silver, but lately I’ve added accents of gold, copper and bronze.  Along with the typical techniques of silversmithing, I also use a variety of non-traditional approaches; crocheting and weaving in metal, keum boo (overlaying gold foil on sterling silver) and precious metal clay (which is fired in a kiln).  I often look to nature for inspiration.  Check out my series of Bouquets and Canadian Wildflowers.


I turned to art after a rewarding career as a Speech Language Pathologist.  I am self taught, and have studied jewellery fabrication, casting, ring carving and jewellery design and numerous specialty workshops over the past 15 years.


I have been a longtime member of Artists in the Environment Studio Tour (Chelsea-Wakefield) and La Fab artist cooperative (Chelsea).  I now have my artwork in several galleries and my home studio in Chelsea, Quebec.


My motivation is wrapped up in my lifetime of learning philosophy and the endless discovery of the beauty and mystery of life.  I love creating something beautiful with my own two hands!



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